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Protected from Exploding Light Bulb

I have been listening to Pastor Prince’s Healing Scriptures audio companion for over a year. I like to listen to it in the morning, in the shower, and at night because the chosen Scriptures set to the background sounds make me feel peaceful. I have also been praying for wisdom and to hear the Spirit clearly to be led by the Lord as Pastor Prince suggested.

Last night when I went to shower, I felt led to listen to a different sermon by Pastor Prince instead of Healing Scriptures. I have over 50 sermons in my library and was led to a sermon from 2003 titled, “SARS Attack?—Let the God of Peace Triumph in Your Life.”

As I was showering, I heard an explosion in the bathroom. I even started to smell smoke. One of the light bulbs had exploded. It did not simply pop or break but exploded into many tiny pieces! I stepped out of the shower without realizing there was glass all over the floor. I had soap in my eyes and went to clean my face with a hand towel. When I picked up the towel, a piece of glass flew into the sink. There was even glass in the case where I keep my retainers and where the toilet paper was.

When my dad took down the covering for the light fixture, more glass came out. Had I been brushing my teeth when the bulb exploded, the glass pieces would have most likely hit me. But because I was in the shower, I was not cut by the glass. Even when I walked out barefoot, I did not step on any piece of glass!

The sermon I was listening to was mainly about protection, and I feel this is why Jesus prompted me to play it while I was in the shower. I’m very thankful to Jesus who protected me, and I look forward to more of His wisdom, health, peace, and protection!

I first started watching Pastor Prince in 2009 and am still learning more and more about how much Jesus loves me. I’ve fallen in love with Jesus and can’t wait for the rapture to see Him face to face. Thank you, Pastor Prince, and praise the Lord!

Constance^ | Georgia, United States

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