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15 Years of Broadcast
Ministry & More!

In October 2017, Aarin^ was going through a dark season in her life. She had suffered a series of miscarriages, and the prolonged disappointment had left her crushed and low on faith. On top of that, her 2 daughters had been diagnosed with autism.

Aarin shared, “I couldn’t understand why God was obviously blessing others and not me. I cried, prayed, pleaded, and cajoled for healing for my daughters and to have another baby. But I saw no light at the end of the tunnel, so I decided to give up on God. But He didn’t give up on me.” 

One night in December 2017, everything changed. Having finished her shift duties and left with nothing else to do, Aarin was flipping through television channels when she came across Joseph Prince’s program. In fact, she remembered only stopping to listen to him preach because of his different dressing style. But by the 4th sentence, Aarin had heard a life-transforming word that got her excited:

I had never heard the gospel of grace preached and the Bible expounded on like that before. So many things in the Bible started to make sense to me, such as being the righteousness of God in Christ and having no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

I raced home to listen to more of Pastor Prince’s teachings on his YouTube channel and website—I couldn’t get enough. After listening to his sermons, I realized I was trying to be blessed through my own efforts when all I had to do was believe.

Within 4 months of actively listening to the preached Word, Aarin started seeing breakthroughs and miracles coming to pass: she was blessed with a new job, saw the dissipation of a breast cancer scar, and the best news of all—found out that she was expecting her 3rd child, a healthy baby girl who was born on Christmas Eve 2018.

As Aarin delved into the Word and spent time in it, she shared that all her prayer requests were answered. Her 2 daughters who were diagnosed with autism have also shown great improvements in their conditions, and Aarin is believing that the Lord will continue to work His healing in them, no longer anxious about when it will happen.

“Thank You, Jesus, for Your gospel of grace.” —Aarin

What a heartwarming testimony of God’s restoration in Aarin’s life! And we’re believing with Aarin for many beautiful days to come for her and her family.

Beloved, as the ministry celebrates its 15th anniversary, we’re also celebrating our Lord Jesus’ incredible goodness in lives all across the world, and we thank Him for the platform He’s given us to continue broadcasting the gospel of grace!

Humble Beginnings

In 1997, Joseph Prince and his wife, Wendy, were on holiday in the Swiss Alps, and amidst the majestic landscape, he received a word from God telling him to preach the pure and unadulterated gospel of grace.

“What do you mean I’m not preaching the true gospel, Lord?” Joseph asked, perplexed, “I’m a preacher of grace.” But the Lord answered, “No, because you preach grace with mixture; you preach grace trying to balance it. That’s not pure grace.”

“If you don’t preach pure, unadulterated grace, people’s lives will never be gloriously blessed and gloriously transformed,” declared the Lord.

Back from his trip, Joseph stepped forward in faith to unapologetically preach the gospel of grace, and within a few short years, New Creation Church’s attendance began to increase exponentially. To date, the church has grown by more than a hundredfold—from 150 when it first began to an average Sunday attendance of 33,000.

But God had even greater plans in store.

Ten years later, God prompted Joseph to go on television and broadcast the gospel of grace around the world. Joseph was initially reluctant. He considered himself to be a local church pastor and had no desire to be on TV. However, after finally deciding to follow the Lord’s prompting, Joseph and his team had to figure out how to get a pastor from the tiny island nation of Singapore on the other side of the world onto TV in America.

In 2007, Joseph Prince Ministries was launched, and the very 1st episode of our very 1st weekly broadcast program went on air on Daystar on April 5.

In the 15 years since then, we have seen amazing transformations, breakthroughs, and the favor of God that has opened many doors of opportunities for the preaching of the gospel of grace. Today, we are broadcasting over 250 airings a week, across more than 40 television networks in the US. Praise the Lord!

A God Who No Longer Condemns You

For Pierce^, his relationship with the Lord completely changed after encountering the grace of God through Joseph’s broadcast. Though Pierce was saved at 16 and served as a leader in church, he felt so condemned after falling into sin with his girlfriend that he eventually left church, returning to his old lifestyle of alcohol and drugs.

But the Lord never forsook him, and even in the midst of his struggle, Pierce could still feel Jesus’ presence close by. However, he still wasn’t grounded in any church. He shared, “When I was younger, I was told the angel of the Lord was about to judge me, and that I would never do anything in the church. Those words stayed with me as I struggled with panic and anxiety. I was at my wits’ end.”

One day, Pierce’s dad told him about a pastor who shared how speaking in tongues could help combat anxiety:

I had never heard anything like that before and was curious. I happened to put the television on and saw Joseph Prince preaching. I was bewildered by what I was hearing. It was at that moment, I began to find hope for my soul. 

I could not get enough of the gospel of grace, so I got Pastor Prince’s book Destined to Reign. My life would be forever transformed. Soon I began a new job and little by little, the Lord walked me out of depression, panic, and anxiety! It did not happen overnight because I still had to learn the truth of grace daily. Today, I find myself encouraging others who still struggle with those negative emotions and strongholds. 

I have not touched drugs for more than a decade. I have also been able to experience peace that surpasses understanding and unspeakable joy. I’ve learned to run to God with all my faults and fears and that I can place everything in His hands without feeling judged or condemned.

“Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace that pulled me out of the clutches of a hellish reality. I am forever grateful.” —Pierce

The Best Is Yet to Come

Beloved, the gospel of grace is changing lives everywhere, setting people free from the destructive cycle of sin, addiction, and anxiety. And all these testimonies are possible because of you!

Over the last 15 years, we have seen how from one single broadcast program, the ministry has grown in impact and is now reaching many more precious souls not only via television, but also through various new platforms worldwide. Today, our daily programs are also readily available on both our YouTube (Joseph Prince Ministries – USA) and on-demand channels. As the gospel of grace goes further, farther, and faster, we have also worked to get Joseph’s sermons translated into languages such as Bahasa Indonesia and Español, and are endeavoring to translate them into even more languages to reach more individuals and communities across the world!

We also support numerous missions initiatives and disaster relief operations throughout the US and Southeast Asia. We are elated to share that we are now sending the gospel of grace into prisons where inmates have 24-hour access to sermons on tablets, bringing the Lord’s grace and hope to those incarcerated. We are convinced that when they receive a revelation of their righteousness in Christ and how Jesus still loves them, they will live in victory over sin and shame and in the newness of spirit in Christ. Hallelujah!

Attendees at Grace Revolution Church coming together to worship the Lord Jesus!
Attendees at Grace Revolution Church coming together to worship the Lord Jesus!
Pioneering JPM Grace Academy Together

The ministry has also birthed 2 churches: Grace Revolution Church Dallas-Fort Worth and GRC Digital Online Church. Our local church in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) meets in 2 locations across the DFW metroplex, and our online church serves those who desire to be part of a community of grace believers but cannot find a local church where they live.

As the ministry moves forward into the future, we are incredibly excited to share about the JPM Grace Academy, where grace-based resources will be available to equip individuals with practical handles for every season of life. It has been on Joseph’s heart to see God’s people strongly anchored in the grace that He has lavished upon us all, and we believe that many lives will be changed through the JPM Grace Academy! As this is our newest and biggest initiative to date, we ask for your prayers and support as we pioneer and navigate this new season together.

Thank you so much for partnering with us! Whether you have been supporting the ministry for 15 years, 5 years, or 5 months—know that it is your generous support and prayers that have enabled us to impact these many lives and see families restored, healed, and made whole. Generations ahead now have a different future because of the transformative power of the gospel of grace. Together, we shall see many more lives changed for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

To watch more videos of lives impacted through Joseph’s 15 years of broadcast ministry, or to share a personal testimony of how grace has changed your life, visit our special anniversary page—we would love to hear from you!

The names of the writers marked ^ have been changed to protect their privacy.

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We are praying for you!

If you are dealing with a health or mental wellness challenge today, we are believing with you for your breakthrough. But even as we stand in faith with you, we encourage you to practice faith with godly wisdom. Please continue to consult your doctor about your condition and don’t throw away your medication or disregard any professional medical advice or diagnosis. We are praying for you and look forward to hearing your praise report!

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Anthony Lalli

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your obedience to God. Because of your obedience the fog of a lack of desire to know more about our Lord and Savior is lifting from my life and I find that at times, which are becoming more frequent, I simply cannot get enough —– Thank You!!!

City, State
Mrs Abike Hassan

Lord Jesus we thank for Your undeserved Grace, for Pastor Joseph Prince, family and his ministry Amen. You raised called him for such a time as this hallelujah, and we asking for your power and strength for him and his team amen. We praying for your wisdom and revelation knowledge, for them as they mightily declaring your Glory and Beauty Lord Jesus all over the world and any, any lives coming to know You Lord Jesus, as their God and Saviour Hallelujah Amen

City, State
United Kingdom
Judy Davidson

So happy for the impact that the gospel of Grace is making on the world through all the initiatives via Joseph Prince Ministries!!! Blessing to all the team:)

City, State
Bridgeport NY