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Get Faith-Filled Pictures for Your Healing Breakthrough

Part 4 of 6 of Receive Your Breakthrough with God’s Hazon Visions.

Pastor Prince, I want to see my health improve. What faith-filled pictures can I hold on to as I wait for my healing breakthrough? Or as I trust the Lord for renewal of youth instead of fearing that my health will only deteriorate as I get older?

Whether you’re waiting on the Lord for a healing breakthrough for yourself or a loved one, or if you’re worried about getting older and weaker as the days pass, I want you to always remember that sickness and death are not from God. They were part of the curse that came upon mankind when Adam sinned. But at the cross, our Lord took all our sins and curses on His own body, so that today we can expect to receive His health and wholeness in our bodies.

If you have been struggling with a pressing health condition for a while now, or devastated by a recent report from the doctor about your or your loved one’s health, envision Isaiah 53:4–5 (NASB) with me:

However, it was our sicknesses that He Himself bore, and our pains that He carried; yet we ourselves assumed that He had been afflicted, struck down by God, and humiliated. But He was pierced for our offenses, He was crushed for our wrongdoings; the punishment for our well-being was laid upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed.

See how the Lord has borne your or your loved one’s sickness and pain on His own body at the cross. See Him receiving stripe after stripe after stripe, until His entire back was marred, lacerated, bleeding. And with every stripe, that condition, those symptoms, that pain have been paid for, so see yourself (or your loved one) free of them!

Keep these pictures in Isaiah 53:4–5 fixed in your mind and let them settle deep in your heart. Each time you are shaken by the doctor’s words, or the symptoms or pain, don’t play the worst-case scenarios in your head. Instead, bring these pictures of how the Lord has paid the price for your deliverance and healing before the eyes of your heart, meditate on them, and let them replace the negative, defeatist thoughts and images that torment you and keep you in fear and anxiety.

If you are well at the moment, but worried about aging and becoming subject to disease, illness, or deterioration, God also has a vision for you. Look with me at Psalm 1:3: “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.”

This verse is talking about God’s picture of the blessed man, and that’s you. You have been made righteous by God because of the Lord’s sacrifice, and His Word says, “Blessings are on the head of the righteous,” so start seeing yourself as the blessed man in God’s vision.

See yourself as that tree that is planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season. Your leaf, a picture of health (Rev. 22:2), shall not wither, meaning that you will be perennially green, forever young, full of strength, energy, and health. Even when there seems to be a “drought” of health in the world or as you advance in age, your leaf shall remain green, you shall not cease from yielding fruit, and whatever you do, will prosper.

So my friend, if you have been tormented by wrong or negative thoughts about your health, replace them with faith-filled pictures from God’s Word (and there are so many throughout the Bible). Keep meditating on these God-inspired visions and allow them to uproot the fear and anxiety caused by those negative thoughts. Fill your heart and mind every day with thoughts of the Lord blessing you with peace and wholeness in every area of your life.

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