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Freed from Painful, Chronic Acne

Shria looking glorious and enjoying her new life without chronic acne!

For almost 13 years ever since I hit puberty, I suffered from severe chronic acne on my face. I was the only person in my family to suffer from it. Any food (especially sweets) or weather changes affected me. My parents took me to doctors, but the treatments had adverse side-effects, and my thick, curly hair became dry and frizzy and started to fall out. My face felt like a cactus—I could not touch it and had trouble sleeping as it hurt so much!

Shria’s face before she was delivered from chronic acne.

I went for chemical peels, laser treatments, micro needling, and microdermabrasion treatments. It was painful, but I thought, “No pain, no gain.” I received daily devotionals and sermons from Pastor Prince. I had heard of partaking of the Communion for healing but ignored it at first.  

One day, I was reading the book of Esther and about how she decided to fast and pray for three days before meeting with the king (Esther 4:16). I decided to do the same thing for three days before my birthday as I wanted my birthday present from the Lord to be the healing of my acne. As I prayed and fasted, I felt closer to the Lord and started to believe that He cares for even my complexion.  

I remembered what Pastor Prince taught on the holy Communion and was reminded of it again in his devotional that day, so I started partaking of the Communion as if it was my medicine. Nothing else had worked up to that point so I decided to give God a full chance. I asked the Lord for a face that didn’t even need makeup. 

But my acne grew worse. I was almost on the verge of falling into depression. I kept partaking of the Communion every time I wanted to give up. Then, I remembered what the doctors told me before when I was undergoing treatment: “We need to bring everything to the surface, then all the acne scars can be treated.” I realized that I was seeing this effect and knew God was working.  

I continued to diligently partake of the Communion and pray. Even though I cried every day because what I was seeing was the opposite of what I was hoping to see, I would take pictures of my face from all angles, believing God was still writing my story, and one day I would show the “before” and “after” photos. 

Today, my face does not have a single pimple, and my skin is so soft! The Lord restored my hair and face, and I no longer need makeup. Praise God! 

Shria | Canada

We are praying for you!

If you are dealing with a health or mental wellness challenge today, we are believing with you for your breakthrough. But even as we stand in faith with you, we encourage you to practice faith with godly wisdom. Please continue to consult your doctor about your condition and don’t throw away your medication or disregard any professional medical advice or diagnosis. We are praying for you and look forward to hearing your praise report!

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