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Explore Israel and Discover a Living Savior in an Ancient Land

Join Joseph as he unpacks what’s in his new book, Expedition Promised Land: Walk Where Jesus Walked. What’s this book about? How will it benefit and bless you? He tells us more.

Q: What do you hope readers will get out of this book?

JP: Well, first of all, I love Israel. This is the land where Jesus walked and also the land where He will return to. In fact, Israel is so significant in the Lord’s prophetic timetable that it is key to our understanding of the Scriptures.

So visiting Israel has always been a priority for me and down through the years, I’ve made countless trips there with my team of pastors, my “band of brothers.” I look forward to every visit with eager anticipation because each one is a spiritual investment for me.

For me, there’s just something about being in Israel . . . the Bible comes alive in a special and intimate way. Everything about the land—its history, culture, and even landscape—opens my eyes to see our Lord Jesus’ heart for His people, His beauties, His love, and His finished work in fresh ways. And I come back strengthened, rested, rejuvenated. I return home with a fresh anointing to minister and with fresh revelations of the Lord to encourage my church and friends of my ministry.

So if I could, I would love to personally bring everyone on a guided tour of Israel, but of course this is practically and logistically impossible. This is why I decided to create a book that circumvents the limitations of time and space to help you, the reader, experience Israel the way I see it—as if I were there with you as your personal guide. I pray you will discover how beautiful and unique this land is and hear our Lord Jesus personally speak to you as you see His love and grace revealed from site to site.

Q: Why did you write a book about Israel at this time?

JP: Well, for starters, if you’re someone who has always wanted to go to Israel to experience the land and the Lord for yourself but don’t know where to start, I wrote this book for you. I hope you’ll be blessed and strengthened in your faith as you allow me to show you the places and revelations the Lord has shown me of Himself in this land that is so close to His heart.

In a nutshell, this book is organized around a 10-day itinerary that will see us journeying from Galilee to Jerusalem. We will cover many sites that Jesus traveled to during His earthly ministry or where key events pertaining to Him happened. But Expedition Promised Land is not merely a travel guide. Neither is this book only for those planning to physically visit Israel. Even if you are not able to physically travel to Israel at this time, it is my prayer that this book will still help you discover this beautiful land and embark on your own spiritual journey with the Lord. 

Whether you’re able or currently unable to travel to Israel, you’ll get to see the places where our Lord Jesus would have walked. You’ll get to immerse yourself in locations where His amazing miracles of healings and provision took place.

If you’re going through a season of uncertainty or anxiety over your health or situation of lack, I pray that page after page, you will find our lovely Savior Himself drawing close, speaking to you, and warming your heart at every location. I hope you will step into His peace, rest, and supply as you encounter Him on a boat-ride on the Sea of Galilee for example, and realize that the same Lord Jesus who controlled the wind and the waves with just one word can still calm the storms you face today.

It’s my prayer that as you go on this unique journey with me, you will encounter a beautiful Savior in this ancient land. You will encounter His love afresh, and receive fresh revelations . . .

Revelations of how utterly beloved you are . . . and find fear flushed out of your life. 

Revelations of what He has fully accomplished for you . . . and see the chains of addiction or bondage fall off effortlessly.

Revelations that will help you experience our Lord in a deep and personal way . . . and grow in a genuine and intimate relationship with Him.

This is the Emmaus Road experience I hope Expedition Promised Land will give you.

Do you remember the two disciples in the Bible who, after the events of the cross, were on their way to a place called Emmaus? As they journeyed, discouraged and confused, the resurrected Lord Jesus drew near to them and traveled with them (Luke 24:15). And as they walked, not recognizing the Lord in their midst, He opened up the Scriptures to them. The Bible says “beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself” (Luke 24:27).

The Bible tells us that at the end of that wonderful time with the Lord, these two disciples found their hearts burning with faith again. They found strength suddenly returning to their bodies. And I pray this will be your experience too as you see the Lord afresh in the Scriptures at each location and allow the words, beautiful photographs, and videos in the book to speak to you.

Q: We’ve heard you say this book is your most ambitious publishing project to date. Can you tell us more?

JP: With this book, from conception to conclusion, my team and I endeavored to create a truly unique resource.

Because there is so much to the land of Israel, we wanted to provide readers of the book with not just biblical, Jesus-centered teaching, but also an immersive experience of the land. Simply put, we wanted readers to visually experience the breadth of its diverse landscapes, learn about its ancient practices, and explore its archaeological treasures.

I felt it was important that readers also get to see the unique geographical, historical, and cultural aspects of Israel that make this land and her people so special, so significant to the Lord, and so important to understanding the Scriptures. So through the beautiful photos, illustrations, timelines, maps, and animation videos, not only did we try to provide a stunning visual tour of locations across Israel, but we also made provision for readers to learn about the biblical and historical events and cultural aspects associated with each site.

These helpful visual aids will give you a better understanding of the spiritual significance of the sites and make the Scriptures really come alive for you. And for those who want to go even deeper, I’ve also included additional on-site teaching content via the resource videos you will find in the book.

To give you a better idea of what I'm talking about, I want to invite you to preview two featured locations from the book here.

I can’t wait for you explore the beauty of the ancient land through the pages of this unique resource! My friend, may you encounter our Lord Jesus afresh as you walk where He walked!

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John Ewing

Sharon and I bought two books…together we will do a chapter a week going thru the Holy Land and inspirational notes from Joseph. This is so much more than a tour book as we go into great detail on each of the areas in Israel, history, bible verses and the life of our Lord Jesus…with uplifting teachings and videos from Joseph helping us with our walk with our Lord and Heavenly Father…I cannot recommend it enough.

City, State
Port Orchard Washington USA