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Supernaturally Paid Off Credit Card Debt and Student Loans

I’m a 21-year-old who had a lot of credit card debts from partying in college and getting student loans for my classes. After I graduated in 2016, I knew I didn’t want to continue down the same road. I wanted to be debt-free. 

When I moved back home, a family friend invited me to a local church. I began to see there is a God who loves me even in my mess and who sent His only Son for my freedom. As I grew in my relationship with Christ, I joined a life group and found out more from the finance ministry about the freedom God wants for me to have with my finances. 

Although I was barely making US$600 to US$800 a month at times, my small income paid off almost US$8,000 in credit card debt within 2 years. I honestly still don’t understand how that happened, but it did! I also continued to receive new job opportunities and finally, at the start of 2019, I began to pay off my student loans.  

My loan from university was US$12,000. By June 2020, I only had a balance of US$7,600 to pay. I was on a schedule to pay it off by January 2021, but God had other plans even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though I always declared that the Lord would pay off my student loans, deep down I kind of doubted it. When COVID-19 hit the States, my friend suggested we partake of the holy Communion and declare Psalm 91 for God’s protection. She continually shared Pastor Prince’s messages on unmerited favor, the righteousness of God in Christ, and the healing power of the holy Communion. My eyes were opened and I really saw how much Jesus loves me and that every promise is truly “yes” and “Amen.” 

In July 2020, my heavenly Father sent a financial blessing! I was able to pay off the remaining amount of my student loan. His timing didn’t make sense—why would I receive a sum of money in the middle of a pandemic? I did nothing to earn it! 

I just want to encourage everyone that even when you have doubts, even if it’s taking a while for your breakthrough to manifest fully, trust God and believe He will do great things for you. Cast your cares to the Lord for He cares for you!

Kelly^ | Texas, United States

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