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Received Amazing Job Despite Pandemic

About a year ago, I quit my job because I had to deal with abuse and humiliation by my boss. It was starting to affect my health as I experienced stress, fear, and anxiety. I also had to work long hours and had no family time at all.  

Just 2 months before I resigned, I received a salary increase. My wife and I felt led to sow it as a seed to someone in need. I then spoke of my plans to resign to my wife, who fully supported me. 

This began a journey for me. I knew it was not going to be easy to find another job during the pandemic and with companies retrenching, but I was hopeful. Every day I took some time to pray, partake of the holy Communion, and listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons. In one of his sermons, he mentioned we could ask big from God. He encouraged us to not just ask for a job but for a position of power and influence. I began to ask the Lord to give me at least 2 job opportunities so I could have a choice. 

The first 4 months were challenging with not a single interview. Then I managed to secure 2 interviews, which I did well for. While I was waiting to hear back from the 2 companies, another agency contacted me about a more senior position. I asked the agency to look at my profile, thinking they were mistaken. They insisted on interviewing me.

I decided to give it a shot but did not prepare for it as I thought they would reject me. Surprisingly, they liked me and made an offer before the other 2 companies. God over-answered my prayers! I asked for 2 opportunities, and He gave me 3. I asked big, and He gave me more than what I expected. 

Now I drive 8 minutes to work, have a wonderful boss, good colleagues, good pay, and I am happy. God loves challenges, and He loves moving mountains for His children. Through all this, I have learned to be real with my Jesus. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for by His grace, victory is certain! 

Pastor Prince, you are a blessing to so many believers. God be with you and your family!

Franco^ | South Africa

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