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Life Transformed,
No Longer Sickly,
No More Addictions 

I have been following Joseph Prince Ministries for many years, and it has changed me and my life completely.  

I used to struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, emotional trauma, and all sorts of hurts and habits because of abuse. I was also sickly all the time. I had major depression, anxiety, and was even diagnosed with psychosis at one point. I was full of anger, bitterness, and resentment, and was in and out of jail.  

Some years ago, Pastor Prince preached a sermon about speaking in tongues and the difference it makes in the edification of our body, mind, spirit, and life. That started changing my life. Later, he preached a series on the holy Communion and after watching it, I started partaking of the Communion. I have rarely been sick since, except maybe having a runny nose. And I have not done drugs since! Praise God! I do not even want them!  

I was fully disabled (by social security), but I now have a wonderful job. I have a wonderful new husband who is a grace minister and life is awesome for the first time in my life. I am a minister myself, and I preach on the Communion all the time via social media. I’m still waiting to be reunited with my son (from a previous relationship), but I’m saving up to hire an attorney and would appreciate all the prayers for that.  

Pastor Prince, I just want to thank you for your ministry because it truly has made a difference in my life!

Amy^ | Missouri, United States

We are praying for you!

If you are dealing with a health challenge today, we are believing with you for your breakthrough. But even as we stand in faith with you, we encourage you to practice faith with godly wisdom. Please continue to consult your doctor about your condition and don’t throw away your medication or disregard any professional medical advice or diagnosis. We are praying for you, and look forward to hearing your praise report!

Send us your praise reports

Has God blessed you through this ministry?

We would love to hear from you. You can write to us using our online praise report form at Know that your praise report glorifies His name!

If you would like to include a photo* of yourself, please write to us at [email protected] or at Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc., PO Box 2115, Fort Mill, SC 29716, USA.

*Please note that the photo you send is non-returnable. We may use your photo when we publish your praise report on our website and/or partnership magazine.

The praise reports published here were shared with Joseph Prince Ministries via email, post, or phone. They were edited for length and the information furnished by the testimony givers have been published in good faith. The names of the writers marked ^ have been changed to protect their privacy.

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