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Divine Favor and Protection  

Vanessa with her husband, Michael.

I am a partner with the ministry, and I listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons through the JPM app. For Thanksgiving Day, we went to visit our son in Virginia. We left in the night to avoid traffic. While I was driving, I started praying in the Spirit along the way. 

After a few hours, I heard a loud noise from our car and pulled over. My husband looked underneath the hood and saw that something had broken. We decided to sleep where we were because morning was approaching and we were too far from our son.  

In the morning, we slowly drove to a car parts store in a nearby town. The car part we needed was not available but the clerk directed us to a mechanics’ shop close by. We told the mechanics that the parts store didn’t have the part we needed. Long story short, the mechanics worked, welded, and handmade the part to fit our car! It was amazing because they didn’t have to do it. 

It was no coincidence that we stopped in that particular town and it was so awesome that God had already prepared a way for us. Also, the mechanics only charged US$19.99 for all the work! That handmade part lasted us till my husband got rid of the car. Glory to Jesus! 

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings. God bless your family and church! 

Vanessa | Alabama, United States

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