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Excellent Grade for Licensing Exam 

I had to sit for a licensing examination for my profession. I was feeling positive about the exam until I sat for it. It was the most stressful exam experience I’ve ever had!  

The exam was in a simulation format, so if I clicked the wrong answer, I couldn’t correct it. I felt like I was making so many mistakes that it interfered with my ability to think clearly and quickly throughout the exam. My stomach was in knots, and I envisioned myself failing. I was the last one out of the exam room and was so disappointed with the experience and with myself. 

Immediately after the exam, I prayed in tongues and asked the Lord to give me peace. I was also led to search the word exams on the Joseph Prince app and found the testimony of a young lady who had a similar experience during her medical exam. I was so encouraged by her story and how she unexpectedly received positive results. 

I said to Abba, “I rest and leave my results in Your hands. You did it for that lady so You will do it for me too. I know You love me so You will give me the wisdom and strength to deal with whatever may come. But for now, I am trusting You that passing is the only option.”  

I love how Abba hears our imperfect prayers and loves us still. I felt completely relaxed and rarely thought about the results in the following weeks. 

One evening, I noticed the results had come into my email box early. I had to read the results a few times to actually comprehend that not only had I passed, but I had also received close to the highest mark attainable in that exam! I jumped up and down, thanking my Abba Father. He did it for me, just as He did for that lady. 

Resting in the finished work and revelation of the Father’s love for me and knowing I am fully accepted because of what Jesus has done for me have radically shifted so many things in my life. I am so thankful to my Abba Father for His supply. He gave me peace and surpassed my expectations by giving me such an excellent grade when I thought I had failed. All glory to God! 

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. You are sharing life. I am forever grateful to have come to know about your ministry.

Katherine^ | Canada

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