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15 Years of

November 15, 2022

Dear Friend,

Warmest greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

With Thanksgiving Day just a week away, I want to take this opportunity to express how much my heart overflows with gratitude whenever I think of you and of what the Lord has done through our ministry.

This year, we celebrate 15 years of broadcast ministry, and I’m so thankful for how the Lord has been consistently leading us to get the gospel out all these years. No matter the season, He has been faithfully showing us new ways to reach more people with the good news of Jesus Christ, be it through our TV broadcast, online channels, or humanitarian outreaches.

Each Sunday, we’re also seeing many believers join us for our grace-based, Jesus-centered, interactive digital church services at Grace Revolution Church Online (GRC Online). In fact, because the response has been so encouraging, we have introduced the GRC Online Daily Church Experience. Just for the month of November, you can enjoy church every day and not only on Sundays! So do come join us at

Beloved, all these are possible because of your steadfast friendship and generous support toward this ministry. I can’t say enough of how grateful I am that the Lord led you to be a part of our ministry family. You are a huge blessing to us, and I want to personally thank you for the part you play in sending the message that brings deliverance to the many seeking a way out of their darkness and despair.

As you read the incredible stories of lives transformed in the special 15th anniversary article we have prepared for you, I want you to know that these stories are possible only because of your generous heart to partner with us. In the article, you will also learn how your partnership will support the JPM Grace Academy, a new initiative by the ministry to equip as many as possible with practical handles on how to activate God’s grace in every area of their lives.

Before I go, let me pray that the Lord’s love and mighty presence will be with you during this season, surrounding you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving Day and every day to come! No matter what the world is going through, let’s give thanks to the Lord right now that He is moving mightily in our lives and working behind the scenes, delivering His perfect peace, protection, and provision in every area where we have a need.

God bless you!

Grateful for your support,
Joseph Prince

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Sandra moodley

Greetings. I am truly blessed in receiving accurate Grace teachings. Thank you Pastor Prince and the whole team. I thank FATHER GOD for raising Sons to deliver. May all of you prosper in everything that a you touch. SHALOM family of GRACE.

City, State
South Africa
Helena Eloff

Greetings. I agree with Sandra Moodley. Pastor Prince’s teachings on Grace has given me a better understanding of God’s Grace.

Sandra Cardenas

God bless you Pastor Prince for all you do in your ministry I am so bles that the Lord put you in our lives to discuss the Lord’s word

City, State
San Antonio
Rachel Church

Hello. I just want to say, Thank you, Pastor Prince and the entire ministry team, for investing so much in making the teachings of the Gospel of Grace available to more and more people. It was through this ministry that my life, and my childrens’ lives, our perception of, and relationship with God has been forever changed. I look forward to continuing on with this ministry and what God has in store for the future!

City, State
Mt Dora, Florida
Bertha Akunor

Hello, i am truly blessed to be part of this ministry. Through this ministry I have known Christ better. Been healed, my youth has been renewed, free from lust and above all loved more by God.! God bless you Pastor Prince and Team

City, State
Kumasi, Ghana
John Akinmoladun

Hallelujah!!! Amen!!!

City, State
Henrietta Haynes

Thank you, Pastor Prince and also to your team. My life is the better because of the Word of God that you continue to teach. I’m so grateful for teaching about Grace and your many prayers for me and my family. Thanks for be a blessing to the body of Christ.

City, State
Spring, TX